Septic Tank Risers

What are Septic Tank Risers?

A septic tank riser is a concrete or plastic pipe that runs vertically from the pump-out openings or access ports at the top of a septic tank to ground level. A simple and seemingly common sense concept, risers are often missing from standard septic tanks, particularly older models.

Risers are made from material that offers durability against weather and environmental conditions in regions such as the Northwest, where seasonal freezes may occasionally occur. Typically, risers are 8 to 24 inches in diameter. The length of the riser depends on how far below the ground your septic tank is positioned. A secure lid covers the opening of the riser. Because it extends directly from the surface of the lawn to the septic tank, the septic tank riser makes accessing the septic tank for pumping, other maintenance, and inspection much easier, allowing you or a professional technician to avoid searching for the septic tank and digging a hole in your lawn. Not having risers on your septic tank would be like welding the hood of your car shut. You need easy access to your septic tank to service it.

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